Term 2

Going on a Bear Hunt

Michael Rosen performs ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’

Going on a bear hunt song 

Starfall – great website to practise reading

Revise your Letter Sounds here!


The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss

Cat in the Hat Story

Cleaning up Song 


Term 1 Games

POP! – match the sound to the letter

Alphabet Song

Vowel bat song


Term 1 Resources

The Tiger who came for Tea 

The Rainbow Fish

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

When Sophie Gets Angry



Is your child writing their letters back to front, or having difficulty forming them correctly? Here is a link to an online course that shows how to form letters correctly. It is $9 for the full course, however if you are just after how to write tricky letters such as ‘d’, then scroll down and you can see previews for some letters that show how to actually form the letter correctly.

Letter Formation Link!

Reading Strategies:

Is your child focussing using a range of strategies when working out tricky words in their reading? Click on the link below for a set of posters that I use in the classroom:

  • Skippy Frog (reading on – skip the word and continue reading, then come back to figure it out using the context, sentence structure, initial sound)
  • Eagle Eye (look at the pictures to give clues)
  • Tryin’ Lion (reread the sentence to use the context to figure out the word)
  • Lips the Fish (use the initial sound to help you predict what the word should be)
  • Flippy Dolphin (after sounding out, change the sound that the vowel makes to make a real word e.g. come)
  • Stretchy Snake (sounding out)
  • Chunky Monkey (find a smaller part you know, chunk into syllables or sound chunks e.g. today)

Decoding Strategies

Games that Support the English Curriculum:

Some may be tricky

1. Phonic Fighter – Great for learning the sounds letters make

2. CVC Pop – reading and spelling simple 3 letter words

3. Phoneme Pop

4. Blending Dragons

5. Poop-Deck Pirates (identifying real words and made up words)

6. Rhyming Rockets

7. Letter Lifter

5. Short vowel sounds

The Magic Key Adventures are games that aim to help students learn the basics of reading and writing including full stops, capital letters, questions and sentence formation.