Sight Words

Welcome to the Prep sight word page where you’ll find many resources to help you learn your sight words!


Letter Sounds Flash Cards

Click here for a PDF file containing all the sound cards. Scroll down for downloadable copies of sight words sets.

sound cards

Sight Word Stories

Below are some links to various stories containing sight words for each coloured set. You may print the stories and use them when helping your child to learn and remember their sight words. Each story has been created using the specific sight words in each coloured sight word set. The sight words are bold so that they stand out for the student reader. Reading these books means that students are learning to recognise their sight words with the help of a story context. A story context can help them to figure out what the word is, which can be especially helpful when sounding out is not an option. Enjoy!

 Violet Story – Let’s Play Ball

Indigo Story – My Birthday Cakes

Purple Story – The Lost Hat

Pink Story – We love to read and play

Aqua Story – The Camping Trip


Resource for Parents

Having trouble figuring out your sight words? Here is a link to a clip showing how the irregular spelling patterns we all get stuck on are actually not so irregular after all! It really is an excellent resource for parents as is the accompanying website, which has lots of interesting and useful resources:




Sight Word Flash Cards

Below are printable flash cards of each set of sight words. You may like to print them onto the associated coloured paper or card.

1 gold words

2 red words

3 blue words

4 green words

5 orange words

6 indigo words

7 violet words

8 pink words

9 purple words

10 aqua words

11 lime words

12 lemon words