Welcome to 2018 where everyone is talking about how we will be SOARING TO SUCCESS!

Term 1

This week Prep students have been given a ‘Sounds and Sight Words’ book to help them revise and remember letter sounds and sight words. Everyone will begin with 13 basic letter sounds to start with. They have been cut out for your convenience. See the instructional video below to know how to revise the sounds and track your child’s progress. New letter sounds or sight word sets will be given when students have mastered the previous set.

Link to instructional video


Wanting to know what we are learning in Prep in Term 1? Check out our PREP TERM 1 LETTER! It also contains information about ‘active learning’, homework and upcoming events. 

Prep Term 1 Letter


Chatting Children Schedule

The book kits that have been sent home are called ‘chatting children’ kits. They are to encourage a love of reading and stimulate discussion about books. Students have the book kits for 1 week. Below is a schedule for the return and re-issuing of chatting children book kits:


Gold Team


Red Team


Green Team

Penelope, Olivia, Christian, Tyler, Noah, Eva, Tahlia, Keely, Laura, Gabriel, Josie Mayvis, James, Hugo, Stephanie, Isabella, Emma Emilia, Lillian, Asha, Holly, Saoirse, Joshua, Ava, Rocco, Ethan, Ella


Things we need!

  • Donations of recycled items to plant in
  • Donations of dolls clothes
  • Please bring in your child’s favourite book (please label so we can return it)
  • Please bring in a large old shirt for art (e.g. mum or dad’s old shirt)

Fun with Phonics!

Balloon Party and Crazy Kite flying!

First Week Activities

First Day Photos