Welcome to Term 4

Term 4 Letter –> term 4 letter

Thank you to all those who made it to our prayer assembly! If you missed it, below is a link to the movie we showed. We hope you love it as much as we did making it!

Moses and the Passover Movie by Year 1 2017

Week 2 – A trip to the local park enjoying our own bush journey and collecting items for some ‘nature craft’ to get excited about our focus text ‘Sam’s Bush Journey’ by Sally Morgan and illustrated by Bronwyn Bancroft. 














Week 1 – We’ve had a delicious start to the term using food to experience and describe fractions (whole and half).

Term 3

Term 3 Letter –> term 3 letter

WOW! Thank you all for making my birthday so special! I loved all the cards and emails!!! And a big thank you to Kylie for my amazing chook cupcakes! So delicious and cute!!


Wondering what all this talk of ‘active learning’ is about? Check out the English page for pictures! 

Mrs Clarke received an exciting letter over the holidays for Year 1! Check out the Geography Page to read the letter for yourself!

Term 2

Term 2 Letter –>term 2 letter

Our weather report videos are finally available to view! Check them out on their special page!! Weather Reports

Excursion to SeaLife Mooloolaba

Year 1 at the OLD Cross Country Carnival

Look who came to visit Year 1 last week!!

Term 1

Welcome to 2017 where everyone is talking about how We Can Do It!!

Bored over the holidays? Check out the English and Maths pages for great games we have used this term!

Happy Holidays everyone! Stay safe in the crazy weather and have a fabulous holiday!! Love Mrs Clarke xo

Poor little Gloria is too scared to leave the coop. At least she’s not wet!

Doris doesn’t always realise when it’s raining so she got VERY wet today. She’s nice and dry now though

Daphne got a little wet today but she’s ok now 🙂

Fire Department Visit!

Fireman Matthew and his ‘massive tool’…

This week Year 1 will begin to learn about emotional regulation through a program called The Zones of Regulation. A blog page has been set up, accessible off the Religion page, to provide parents and families information about the program so it may be followed through at home. Page also accessible HERE

Swimming Carnival

First Day of Year 1 

Maths + Craft = Crafty-Maths … We are reading the numbers, writing the numeral and making the number with craft.







learning pit


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